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‘My Gums Have Never Felt Healthier’

Award Winners: Dr. Brian Daub & Melinda Evans RDH.

Perfect Teeth in Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico.

Dr. Brian Daub & Melinda Evans RDH

After just a few weeks of periodontal treatment, you want patients to tell you that their gums have never felt healthier, but it seldom happens. Dr. Brian Daub and hygienist Melinda Evans at Perfect Teeth-Frank Lloyd Wright in Scottsdale, AZ recount how one patient recently returned to the office with those exact words.

The patient had had a long history of gum disease treatment, yet she was still struggling. Gingival bleeding, the most obvious sign of infection, was present at 63% of the sites of her mouth. 37% of her pockets, the space between teeth and gums that measure up to 3mm when healthy, were deeper than 3mm. In addition to non-surgical cleanings of the teeth and root surfaces at regular intervals, she also had antibiotic therapies. The disease persisted.

Dr. Daub and hygienist Melinda Evans recommended prescription Perio Trays® to deliver Perio Gel®for this struggling patient. The patient went home on June 23 with instructions to use the trays for 15 minutes, three times a day for two weeks.

On July 7 when she returned, just two weeks later, bleeding was reduced from 101 to 7 sites and deep pockets decreased from 37% to just 2%. The patient was then asked to incorporate the trays into her regular homecare, using them one time a day for 10 to 15 minutes."

At Perfect Teeth – Frank Lloyd Wright, we present Perio Protect® trays to all qualifying patients based on a diagnostic profile of need," explains Dr. Daub. "The sense of gratitude, and the hope and confidence that Perio Tray patients express is so rewarding. Most periodontal maintenance patients are stagnating, merely maintaining conditions and not improving,” said Dr. Daub. "With this tray delivery, even the patients notice and appreciate the results."

Melinda Evans, a seasoned hygienist of 25 years, described chronically bleeding gums as a condition of periodontal disease "locked in time. The pocketing and bleeding simply never changes. So when we introduced the Perio Protect tray delivery system," she recalls, "the results were beyond my expectations. To this day, I still smile every time I show a new patient the results we are getting. Then," she adds, "when they return and tell me 'my gums never felt healthier' the treatment restores my hope for my profession."

With this Orkos Award we want to honor Dr. Brian Daub and Melinda Evans who share our passion and our vision for the most effective, comprehensive, and minimally invasive periodontal care.

Perfect Teeth is a network of dental practices in Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico. Patients looking for Perio Tray providers like Dr. Daub and Ms. Evans at Perfect Teeth can consult For detailed information about the prescription Perio Tray therapy, visit

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