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“New Hope When Conventional Therapy Failed’

Award Winners: Dr. Caron Glickman & Barbara Tritz RDH. in Duvall WA.

RDH Barbara Tritz and Dr. Caron Nelson Glickman from Duvall, WA received the Orkos Award for their case study demonstrating how bleeding on probing was effectively managed with prescription tray delivery of Perio Gel (1.7% hydrogen peroxide) and Vibramycin for a patient with profuse bleeding and pockets up to 6mm.

This long-time patient practiced excellent oral hygiene and made regular perio maintenance visits, but when bleeding on probing increased in December 2009 the dental team became concerned and offered treatment using prescription Trays to deliver medication into his pockets. The patient agreed.

After using the customized prescription trays for two weeks, six times a day, he returned to the office and a probing revealed that bleeding was significantly reduced. Several of the deeper pockets (5-6mm) had begun to resolve, but a 6mm pocket remained. His microscopic slide results also improved; no spirochetes were present, while the rods and white blood cells had decreased in numbers by over 50%.

After wearing his trays six times a day for the entire month, the patient returned again. According to Tritz, “the tissues looked fabulous with no plaque, no bleeding, stippled, pink and knife edge, and his microscopic slide was filled only with cocci. This is the best his tissues had ever looked,” she recalls.

Their patient was very pleased with the positive changes he experienced in one month, as indicated in these photos:

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