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‘Reducing 92% Deep Bleeding Pockets to 4%’

Award Winner: Dr. Jared Mosley & Mimi Myers RDH.

Dr. Jared Mosley & Mimi Myers RDH, Orkos Award Winners.

RDH Mimi Myers and Dr. Jared Mosley in Fresno, CA received the Orkos Award for a case study involving a 35-year old patient who had avoided a dental office for 20 years. The patient first visited on January 4, 2011 with the following symptoms:

  • Necrotizing Ulcerative Periodontitis (NUP)

  • Fetid "foul" breath (fetor oris)

  • Intense painPunched out papillae (extremely inflamed gum tissue)

  • Red to purple to white gingival tissues

  • Spontaneous heavy bleeding with 100% bleeding on probing

  • Pocket depths up to 6-7mm

  • Rampant caries

  • Localized class II mobility

  • Extremely, heavy calculus

Dr. Mosley prescribed customized Perio Trays® to deliver medication before scaling (deep cleaning) so that medication could begin to fracture and debride the calculus, making the necessary in-office cleaning procedures more comfortable for the patient and easier to complete. The patient received her Perio Trays® and medication January 18, 2011 with daily usage instructions. When she returned to the office two weeks later on February 8, the calculus was pitted and fractured and had begun to disassociate. Tissues were flatter with some resolution in inflammation, exposing subgingival calculus. Foul breath was mild. Scaling was completed on her right side at this appointment.

When the patient returned April 4, 2011 to complete scaling procedures, Mimi Myers documented that the tissue on the right side (scaled on 2/8/11) was coral, pink, firm, stippled, and reportedly pain free. Breath was normal. Importantly, bleeding on this side was reduced from 100% to 3%.

At the May 17 recall visit, Mimi Myers recorded just 9 bleeding points (6% of all pockets down from 100% in January) and significant decreases in pocket depths. Deep and bleeding pockets that accounted for 92% of all pockets at baseline measured just 4% on May 17. Due to the healing, the patient needed a new set of Perio Trays® that would precisely fit the healthier gums and was eager to receive them. She also scheduled a re-care appointment at which time an update to her treatment plan will be made to determine if additional site specific scaling is needed. Mimi Myers reported that the patient is very happy with these initial results and the comfortable care she received.

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