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‘Avoiding Extractions - With Success’

Award Winner: Dr. R. Bruce Cochrane. in Iowa.

Dr. R. Bruce Cochrane

Patients naturally want to keep their teeth, but when three dentists tell you that your gum disease is so advanced that you can’t save them, it’s good news to find a periodontist who can help. Dr. Bruce Cochrane was the treating dentist and he received an award for excellence in case study for his efforts to save this patient’s teeth.

The patient first came to Dr. Cochrane’s office in January 2015 with bleeding gums, pockets measuring up to 7mm (1-3mm is normal), and significant bone loss. He was concerned about keeping his teeth and explained that three previous dentists recommended extractions and implants or dentures. Only in his 40s, the patient wanted to do what he could to save his teeth.

Dr. Cochrane agreed to try the deep and careful cleaning called scaling followed by homecare that included prescription Perio Trays. The Perio Tray is custom-made with an internal seal to deliver medication deep under the gums so that the medication can fight the bacteria and inflammation causing gum disease. Patients need to use the trays regularly because bactera grow back over time and can re-infect the gums, perpetuating the disease cycle of gingival bleeding, bad breath, and tender or swollen gums. When patients wear the trays as directed, usually once a day at 15 minutes, they have better control over the bacterial regrowth and can maintain healthier gums. Over time this can save a lot of money and help patients keep their teeth.

The patient completed the scaling procedures but declined the prescription trays. He wanted to manage this disease with brushing and flossing. Dr. Cochrane explained that brushing and flossing is often not enough, but the patient left without the trays.

At a maintenance appointment a year later, Dr. Cochrane again recommended Perio Trays because the patient was still bleeding at 25% of the sites examined. The patient agreed this time and trays were delivered in April 2016. For the first month, the patient used the trays two times a day for 15 minutes. In May, 2016 when he returned to Dr. Cochrane’s office, his gums did not bleed at all. In July 2016, three months after starting prescription tray delivery, this post-treatment photo clearly shows the good results.

Pre treatment perio charts.

Post treatment perio charts.

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