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Patient with Dental Implants was Ecstatic

Award Winner: Dr. Lynn Harasty.

Dr. Lynn Harasty in Rutland VT.

When patients lose teeth, dental implants provide a good option to replace the natural teeth. Implants look natural and make eating and talking easier.

To keep implants clean and healthy, patients often need different homecare tools. Data comparing the retention rate of dental implants and natural teeth over 10 or more years indicate that implants were lost at a rate of 10 times that of natural teeth when patients have a history of chronic periodontitis*, a disease that affects more than half of American adults and up to 70% of adults age 65 and older.**

A case study by Dr. Lynn Harasty, a periodontist in Rutland VT, illustrates how prescription Perio Tray™ home care helps patients retain their implants. Her case received the Orkos Award for demonstrated excellence in periodontal therapy.

The 77-year-old patient presented to Dr. Harasty on March 13, 2018. His medical history includes asthma and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) for which he is using an oral sleep appliance. He reported taking the following medications: Simvastatin, Symbicort, Picoair HFA, Aspirin 81 mg, Zoloft, and Omeprazole.

His main concern was his implant on the bottom right side of his mouth (tooth #31). With 50% bone loss, 11mm probing depth, purulent drainage and heavy bleeding on probing, Dr. Harasty scheduled him for Laser Assisted Peri-Implantitis Protocol (LAPIP) on May 15, 2018. On August 18, 2018, the patient returned to the office with thick, heavy purulent drainage on buccal and lingual palpation for the implant and was concerned with occasional bad taste in the mornings. She offered laser re-treatment, which was completed that day. On October 28, 2019 at the third laser evaluation, the x-ray showed significant bone fill, however purulent drainage on probing was back again, so she recommended another laser re-treatment and Perio Protect. The patient chose to proceed with the laser therapy only.

The successful bone fill resulting from the laser procedures was encouraging, but Dr. Harasty explained to him that “if you really want to do the most for yourself, you need to let me make you a Perio Tray and use their regimen for another whole year.” He faithfully used the tray delivery with Perio Gel™ and doxycycline calcium syrup for one year. As seen in the xray, the Perio Protect protocol successfully augmented the laser procedures.

Dental implants saved by PerioProtect.

Dr. Harasty reports that “The patient was ecstatic because he is missing many teeth and does not have extra money for more implants AND he has two close family members who are suffering with failing implants.” He proudly took copies of his films to "show off at their next family dinner”.

The Orkos Award recognizes and celebrates the contributions of individual dental professionals like Dr. Harasty for their excellence in treating of periodontal disease. Congratulations to Dr. Harasty and to her patient!

For additional information on the dental practice of Dr. Lynn Harasty in Rutland, VT, visit Details on prescription Perio Tray® therapy is posted at


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